The Web Technology in Education

Many people warn of the possible risk of using technology in the education and specially in the classroom. Will children lose their ability to relate to other human beings? Will they become dependent on technology to learn? Will they find inappropriate materials?

The same was probably said with the invention of the printing press, radio, and television. All of these can be used inappropriately, but all of them have given humanity unbounded access to information which can be turned into knowledge. Appropriately used– interactively and with guidance– they have become tools for the development of higher order thinking skills.

Inappropriately used in the classroom, technology can be used to perpetuate old models of teaching and learning.

Students can be “plugged into computers” to do drill and practice that is not so different from workbooks.
Teachers can use multimedia technology to give more colorful, stimulating lectures.

Both of these have their place, but such use does not begin to tap the power of these new tools.

© October 2005 New Horizons for Learning

2 Responses

  1. When will u put the pictures

  2. hi i need to ask about picture why this year you don’t but any picture this good to see our children how they was in trip and school thank you\

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